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Love and Relationships - Part 1

Love and Relationships - Part 1

The vision that we (Cameron Chubb & Kai Forster) had at the inception of this podcast was to be of service to others as well as affirm the knowledge within ourselves. The ultimate dream for this podcast is to serve as a daily reminder that you are PERFECTION. Every SINGLE ONE OF US has been born with a unique set of tools and talents. Many of us yearn for what others have and do not realise that our DESTINIES have been WAITING FOR US at our very own doorstep; all that is needed is for us to just open the door. We have noticed that the universe conspires to serve one in their quest to have these dreams realised, and within two months we have taken a thought of a podcast and manifested it into reality. What’s our point? CHASE YOUR DREAMS! All the ANSWERS YOU SEEK LIE WITHIN and to get there you must be willing to go from THE OUTSIDE IN. In conclusion, we present to you our first televised podcast! We could not be more grateful for ArtHub productions who seized this opportunity to display their array of talent and expertise. We are very proud to be in collaboration with them and with your support we can all be drivers of change. In this episode we will be diving into love and relationships. A fascinating yet, misconceived notion. We will be dealing with our perspective on love and what it is. Thereafter, we shall analyse and discuss as to why relationships fail, how one can alter their approach towards them and to ensure it remains a sanctuary of growth. Furthermore, we shall be reflecting on our very own personal journeys and the heartbreaks we have experienced throughout our lives which we guarantee will be an entertaining watch! Stay tuned if you want a belly full of laughter and insightful information regarding this phenomenon that exists at the very core of our existence.



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